How to Create 3D Characters with Character Poser Webinar with Brian Haberlin (FREE) ...

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In this 1-hour session you will learn how to truly get the most out of the 3D models in your Poser runtime to create powerful 3D graphics. You will learn how to create a literal cast of thousands from the free 3D assets that come with the Poser software and with tools already provided with the program. Create your own digital characters and render with your own sense of style from realistic to cartoony.  The tutorial will cover use of the morphing tool, the art of frankensteining (making two figures into one), parenting, and a little bit of Zbrush.


Originally recorded Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 2 p.m. for a webinar with Brian Haberlin; creator of Witchblade,, Teacher at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and graphic novelist. See how Brian creates his 3D characters and more at this exclusive event.

About the Presenter: Brian Haberlin is an award winning comic book creator, writer, illustrator, fine artist and educator.  He co-created the popular Witchblade comic that was also a television show. Haberlin has created numerous other comic titles from Hellcop to Captain Wonder (which is currently in development for a feature film), and is currently finishing a 300 plus page graphic novel titled Anomaly. He owns and creates tutorials for  and teaches comic art at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Haberlin is also a contributor to 3D World and ImagineFX magazine, and his work is in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Museum.