YURdigital Product of the Year!

Poser PhotoBox YURdigital Product of the Year See which digital art product earned the honor of being recognized as YURdigital's Product of the Year!

If you're a digital artist and you use Poser, this is THE MUST HAVE product you don't want to be without.


Congratulations go to Poser PhotoBox for being YURdigital's top selling product of 2011.

PhotoBox Earns Product of the Year Award

We also recognize PhotoBox Xtra for coming in a close second. 


PhotoBox is an innovation in render quality, speed and ease of use for
Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010, Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012.

PhotoBox Takes Top Honor at YURdigital
PhotoBox gives you the necessary tools to create better images and brilliant promos faster than ever!
The lighting and background combinations are highly customizable giving the artist full control.

PhotoBox will shorten render times and give you amazing results.

PhotoBox for Poser Render Comparison

Available ONLY at YURdigital !!!


Poser Smith Micro Photo Box PhotoBox Light Lighting System Render


PhotoBox Xtra Lighting System Poser Smith Micro