As a result of the overwhelmingly positive response by the community around "Dawn", we are pleased to announce that HiveWire 3D, Poser World, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, and YURdigital have joined together in support of this new 3D figure.


Dawn is the latest in a long line of historically significant figures developed by Chris Creek, creator of the original Poser figures, Dork and Posette, as well as the original Michael and Victoria figures. Created with both Poser and DAZ Studio users in mind, Dawn will be available in two versions: one with native Poser files compatible with Poser 9 and above, and another with native DAZ Studio files compatible with DAZ Studio 4.5 and above.

In a collaborative approach like never before, Poser World, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, YURdigital and HiveWire 3D are working with merchants across the community to create supporting content for Dawn. All are welcome to join this effort.


"Through the combined efforts of this wonderful community at large, we will achieve great things with Dawn. But perhaps a more important outcome will be the unity we can realize".
Chris Creek, Founder of HiveWire 3D


"We are extremely excited about the new Dawn figure and the opportunity to create content for such an excellent 3D figure. We think this could finally be the perfect Poser character to work with".
- Allen Harkleroad of

"It's very exciting to see a new wealth of creativity and community wide collaboration on the horizon with the release of Dawn. This is a very unique opportunity to come together and celebrate the talent and passion for art we all share across each of these communities".
-  Tommy Lemon, Vice President of Renderosity


"I am awake and dreaming. Today four communities stand together shoulder to shoulder with someone who developed the most widely used figures in the history of our industry. How wonderful an opportunity it is to combine efforts with such historically vibrant and successful communities. This like minded group of innovators put their heads together, took a deep breath and walked across the bridge to a brand new future".
- Syyd Raven, Founder of Runtime DNA

"The highly anticipated release of the new female figure, Dawn, from the extremely talented team at HiveWire3D will be a breath of fresh air for the Poser and DAZ Studio communities".
- Clint Hawkins / YURdigital, LLC CEO & Co-founder


The future of Dawn will be decided by YOU

We stand together because of our shared belief in our communities, its members and creators who are the driving force behind each one of us. We openly invite everyone to participate in this new initiative in whatever way they can. Whether it be in add-on content, utilities, tutorials, renders or anything else, we encourage everyone to find a way to support those around them and help to further this landmark community project.

On August 9, 2013, Dawn will be released to the public at, with supporting content for Dawn released simultaneously in the marketplaces at Poser World, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, and YURdigital.


If you're interested in creating content for Dawn to sell through YURdigital please contact for more information.