Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Preview by Dee Marie

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Preview by Dee Marie

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

It’s that time of the year again. Adobe just announced the arrival of Adobe Creative Cloud 2015. Once again Adobe listened to their customers when they said, (to quote the movie Top Gun) “I have the need … the need for speed!” The newest version of Adobe Creative Cloud provided this need for speed across-the-board and in several different ways.

Many of the programs have increased their performance by 10 times that of CS6. Adobe Photoshop increased their Healing Brush and Path Tools by 120 times. If you’ve longed for files, fonts, design assets, and settings to instantaneously show up in your workflow, Adobe CreativeSync assures users that will happen whenever you need them. The best feature of Adobe CreativeSync is that you can start a project on one device and flawlessly begin working on the same design in another device.

Another new feature is the integration between Adobe’s mobile Apps and desktop programs. User can quick and easily move from Photoshop CC 2015 to several mobile apps:

Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Mix, Comp CC, Brush CC, Shape CC, and Color CC. Premiere CC users can efficiently work with the following Apps: Premiere and the new Hue.

Adobe Most Used Program Logos
Top New Features in Adobe’s Most Used Programs

Adobe Photoshop CC – 2015 Release

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is filled with speed, including Spot Healing Brush and Patch tools that are now 120 times faster than CS6. Seamlessly link assets from Creative Cloud Libraries. The magic happens when you are working on a project within Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign … when changes are made to a saved asset those changes will also appear in desktop or mobile apps that sports Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

A very useful new feature within Photoshop is Multiple Artboards, which allows users to view and work on several design surfaces within a single document at the same time. The design surfaces can be created in a multitude of sizes and content. Then the Artboards can easily be saved, shared and/or quickly exported.

Within Photoshop 2015 the Asset Export has been redesigned to make exporting images easier than ever to a variety of exports. Users of iOS can be assured that designs created in mobile apps or mobile web designs appear as expected utilizing the new native iOS companion app Adobe Preview CC. The new Photoshop Design Space is an innovative technology with a designated mode. It provides time-saving interactions and design-focused features especially useful when creating within mobile apps and websites.


Illustrator CC – 2015 Release

Like Photoshop, with Illustrator CC 2015 you can edit in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign and update to their equivalent desktop and mobile apps with Linked Assets in CC Libraries. With the new Mercury Performance System boost you can now pan, zoom, and scroll up to 10 times faster than CS6. Within Illustrator CC 2015, users have super Zoom magnification. In previous version zoom had a limit of 6400 percent, now users can zoom-in all the way to 64,000 percent.

On the subject of size, you can now scale-up images created in the Photoshop Sketch (app) up to quadruple their original size. This is especially impressive as it is done without loss of quality, allowing artists to create large format graphics, such as poster sized images from a mobile app. 

Although it seldom happens, crashes do occur. Now, if Illustrator crashes (even if you have not saved your work) your design is automatically recovered upon re-opening Illustrator to its pre-crash status … that one new feature is worth the upgrade.


InDesign CC – 2015 Release

Like Photoshop and Illustrator, with InDesign CC 2015 you can edit in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign and update to their equivalent desktop and mobile apps with Linked Assets in CC Libraries. Also like Illustrator, InDesign gets a power surge from the Mercury Performance System boost. User will find the new feature 10 times faster than CS6; allowing for quicker zooming, scrolling and paging up/down. This is especially helpful when working with complex documents.

Users who work with InDesign Tables will appreciate the new ease of dragging and dropping images directly into table cells using the content collector. Designers can now also add color and/or shading effortlessly to a paragraph.

InDesign CC 2015 has taken the complication out of publishing printed documents into web formatting. Where you used to need to utilize plug-ins, you can now publish to the web with a single click.


Premiere Pro CC – 2015 Release

One of the new features in Premiere Pro CC 2015 is to be able to dramatically simplify a project’s color workflow utilizing the new Lumetri Color panel. If you conduct online interviews the new Morph Cuts will be a welcomed new feature. It makes smooths out transaction between jump cuts while a subject is talking. Which in turn creates gives the final cut of the interview an exceptionally professional appearance.

With Premiere Pro CC 2015 you also get enhanced Premiere Clip (app) support. User can now open project they are working on directly from Premiere Clip into Premiere Pro CC 2015. Now the simplicity of videoing on a mobile app can easily be transitioned into the power of a non-linear editing system.

The new Time Tuner (within Adobe Media Encoder) is now available in Premiere Pro CC 2015. With this exciting new feature user can automatically create the perfect duration of content without having to spend hours of detailed editing. Also new, Creative Cloud Libraries are now available within Premiere Pro CC 2015 and Premiere’s respective mobile apps.


After Effects CC – 2015 Release

If you ever wanted to change a composition’s properties and/or resize panels without impacting playback … the After Effects CC 2015 new Uninterrupted Preview is for you. Also, like Premiere Pro CC 2015, Creative Cloud Libraries are now available within After Effects CC 2015.

Face Tracker is a real time-saver when it comes to editing facial features, skin tonality, or face blurring. User can even change the color of a subject’s eyes throughout a project without having to do it frame-by-frame.

A truly innovative (and fun) feature within After Effects CC 2015 is the Adobe Character Animator. Using a webcam (to track facial features) and microphone, users can magically animate pre-configured 2D characters.

If you are new to After Effects, be sure to check out the new Simplified Preview. Even if you are a long-time After Effects user, you will still to explore this new feature.


Dreamweaver CC – 2015 Release

New within Dreamweaver CC 2015 is Responsive design. This time-saving feature allows users to quickly create websites that adapt to a variety of screen sizes. Use Device Preview to see exactly how a website will appear and react within a working mobile device.

Within Dreamweaver CC 2015 you can now batch export using PSD Batch. This feature allows users to grab images (that are web-optimized with multiple resolutions) from a Photoshop document. There are also several Code Editor improvements.


Muse CC – 2015 Release

Utilizing an array of fonts is an important aspect of Muse … that is why users will appreciate being able to access Adobe Typekit premium web fonts directly from the Muse Font Menu. Widgets have also been an essential feature in Muse. In Muse CC 2015 there are new partner widgets. Users can also now add shopping carts and blogs. Additional enhancements have also been added to Contact Forms. Lastly there are continued code improvements.


Flash Pro CC – 2015 Release

The new Bone Tool allows user to animate objects by connecting a group of symbols together. There is also a new video import on timeline, Sprite-sheet export, and Audio-splitting.


Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock Photographs

New for 2015 is Adobe Stock. You can now purchase stock images from within the majority of Adobe desktop programs. Adobe Stock currently has an abundance of images and graphics to choose from (videos coming soon). Plus Creative Cloud subscribers have the option to submit their own creative images to be considered in the Adobe Stock imagery collection.

Although Adobe Stock is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 (and as a standalone), the use of its library images is not free. A single image costs $9.99. Adobe Stock also currently offers two subscriptions levels: $49.99 for 10 images a month (if you have a Creative Cloud subscription the cost for 10 images a month is only $29.99); and $199.99 for 750 images a month. The best part, Adobe Stock subscribers unused image-per-month are automatically rolled-over to the next month (up to *** images a year).

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Release


In Conclusion

What makes Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 unique from past years is that users now have the options to go with the new default of having Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 “replace” previous Creative Cloud versions, or chose the option to run past versions side-by-side.

Another new upcoming feature is the inclusion of additional Android-based Adobe Apps. The most important reason to upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 … more than any of the previous releases, Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 was specifically created to meet the needs of every user, from novice to professional.

To find explore all of the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Release features and functions please visit the following:


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