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September 28, 2012

Why Artists Buy 3D Models from YURdigital

Artists have often told us how easy it is to make a purchase from YURdigital. They like the store interface and know they can buy 3d models with confidence because of our satisfaction guarantee.

But, what artists like MOST about buying their 3d models from YURdigital is knowing that each and every one of their products will work as advertised!

YURdigital fully tests every single product before its released into the store. We always have, and always will, test each 3D model and 2D background before they are made available for purchase. If there is a problem with a texture or wireframe, a 3D model will not get released until that 3D model passes testing.
We are so thorough in our 3d model testing process that YURdigital uncovered several different problems that other leading sites had missed! We have a long history in the industry of providing unparalleled service and support to digital artists and animators.

There are some artists that find it helpful to view a 3D model's wireframe. However, there are also many artists that really enjoy seeing what a model looks like fully textured and rendered. They want to know exactly what the final result will be if they purchase a particular 3D model and use it in a scene or animation.
Then there are artists that simply want to be inspired by the promotional image of a product. The key here is that the promotional images must accurately represent what kind of results an artist can reasonably expect to achieve if they were to purchase a particular 3d model.

You don't have to worry about spotting the "specially marked" 3D models at YURdigital to make sure your new 3D model purchase will work.

EVERY PRODUCT from YURdigital will work! Plus, you can SAVE a BUNDLE buying 3D models from YURdigital compared to other leading 3D model sites.

We march to the beat of our own drum and will go the extra mile to help other artists.

You don't have to take our word for it, you can find out what customers have to say about their experiences with YURdigital:

"Great models! I appreciate YURdigitals' high testing standards. Sure made my job faster and easier!"- Phillipe F.

"Love your site! Easy to use. The 3d model I purchased worked perfectly. Thanks!" - Stephen M

3D Model Love Seat Sofa
3D Model
Love Seat Sofa

By: newhere
Bathroom Obj
3D Model
Bathroom Obj

By: Cactus42
3D Castle construction kit 2012
3D Castle
Construction Kit 2012

By: rodluc2001
3D Model Elven Row Boat
3D Models
Elven Row Boat

By: Ravyn

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