Why Artists Sell 3D Models at YURdigital

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October 5, 2012

Why Artists Sell 3D Models at YURdigital

With so many different 3D Model sites to sell through, why would a digital artist choose YURdigital? One word - Reputation!

You can't build a good reputation overnight. It takes years of working with people and showing them time and time again that you will work hard for them, treat them with respect and will do business fairly and honestly.

We didn't build our reputation overnight. We've worked hard for more than 15 years building trust and fostering relationships with many people across the digital art and graphics industry.

Read YUR Recommendations to find out what people in the 3d, digital art and graphics design industry have to say about Clint Hawkins and Lillian Hawkins, the founders of YURdigital.

We've worked with artists from all over the world, many of which we are honored to call friends. After many years of working together, they know we are on their side. We truly want to help artists succeed. Artists do not "work for YURdigital", YURdigital works for the artists!

Artists should feel free to sell their content at any site they want and to decide for themselves what content they want to create and when. We believe that artists should get as much money as possible from the sale of their work. For this reason, YURdigital offers some of the best sales split opportunities. In addition, we give personalized service and support along with free banner ads. Our content developers receive their royalty payments monthly, without a minimum sales amount that must be reached. We want you to have your money as soon as possible!
3D Model Old Metal BathTub
3D Model
Old Metal BathTub

By: uncle808us
Galactica for V4
for V4

By: kaiZ
BRW Morgaine V4++
BRW Morgaine
for V4++

By: darknessdesign
Voyager II Backgrounds
Voyager II

By: Holly
Planets Backgrounds
25 Highly Detailed

By: KenM
Animated flying pose for Noggin's Crow
flying pose
for Noggin's Crow

By: anniemation
Orchie Fairy Hair for V4, A4,G4 & K4
Fairy Hair
for V4, A4,G4 & K4

By: menka
CAMPAIGNER for Angeluz Fantasy Armor
for Angeluz
Fantasy Armor

By: outoftouch
Great Ground Cover 2 for Vue
Ground Cover 2
for Vue

By: gillbrooks
3D Model Exotic Robot for Vue
3D Model
Exotic Robot
for Vue

By: Cactus42
Fern Fiddleheads for Vue 9 and Vue 10
Fern Fiddleheads
for Vue 9
and Vue 10

By: MartinJFrost
Cesium55 amazing cliff Vol 1
Amazing Cliff
Vol 1 for Vue

By: Cesium55

Digital Art Contest

Digital Art Contest - Curiosity - The Search for New Worlds Through the Eyes of the Rover
Digital artists of all ages and experience levels are invited to join us for an out of this world digital art contest.

Show us what your new world would look like from the perspective of a space rover that just landed on a far away planet.

What would the rover see, from the rover's point-of-view? What would be visible in the foreground, mid-ground and background? Are there any signs of life? If so, what kind of alien life is visible from the rover's perspective? What kind of weather is on this planet? Are there buildings of any kind? Are there any clues visible as to the atmosphere of this planet? Does the rover see any signs of "intelligent" life?


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