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Sea of Clouds by Drea
October 12, 2012

D and D Creations Goes Beyond the Vue!

Byzantine Bridge 3D Model for Vue, 3DS Max, Maya and ALL Major Digital Art Software Programs That Can Import OBJ Format

3D Model Byzantine Bridge

3D Model Byzantine Bridge in OBJ and for VueDigital artists around the world that use Vue software know that D and D Creations is renowned for their breath-taking digital art resources for Vue artists. YURdigital is excited to announce that D and D Creations is going beyond Vue only content with their latest release of the 3D Byzantine Bridge Model. This intricately detailed 3D bridge model can be used in 3D Studio Max (3ds), 3DWin, AutoCAD, Bryce, Cheetah3D, Cinema 4D, DAZ Studio, Java3D, LightWave, Maya, MeshLab, OBJ2CAD 2010, Poser, Solid Edge, tb-software SolidWorks, TurboCAD, Wavefront 3D and any other digital art software program that can import OBJ models.

If you haven't had the pleasure of using a D and D Creations product, we encourage you to check out this new, beautiful 3d bridge.

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Up to two (2) entries per artist. Any software program may be used.

Show us what your new world would look like from the perspective of a space rover that just landed on a far away planet.

What would the rover see, from the rover's point-of-view? What would be visible in the foreground, mid-ground and background? Are there any signs of life? If so, what kind of alien life is visible from the rover's perspective? What kind of weather is on this planet? Are there buildings of any kind? Show off your best alien planet discovery!

Entries must be uploaded by November 18, 2012 to be eligible for a chance to win digital art software, training and resources!

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