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Want to understand our philosophy and focus even better? Check out the 3D Art Direct Magazine interview with Clint Hawkins about YURdigital that was just published today!

YURdigital Picture of the Week

"Tiger Cub" By: JaneEden


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American Crow
Animated Poses
for Songbird Remix

By: anniemation
Jane Eden's Spooky Places Hi-res Backgrounds
Jane Eden's
Spooky Places
Hi-res Backgrounds

By: JaneEden
The Byzantine Bridge 3D model
The Byzantine
3D model

By: D and D Creations
Dark Moon for V4
Dark Moon
for V4

By: AngelWeb
Jane Eden's Big Cats
Jane Eden's
Big Cats

By: JaneEden
3D Church Model
3D Church

By: Redwolf
Cryo Chamber 3D Model
Cryo Chamber
3D Model

By: SkyCaptain
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D&D Creations - Texture Pack Vol 1 - Alien Organics
D&D Creations
Texture Pack Vol 1
Alien Organics

By: D and D Creations

Enter YURdigital's Art Contest

Digital Art Contest - Curiosity - The Search for New Worlds Through the Eyes of the Rover

How would you like the chance to win Poser Pro 2012, Poser 9, Anime Studio Pro 9, Anime Studio Debut 9, Filter Forge Basic Edition for Windows, a 1 Month Subscription to Digital-Tutors, and any item of your choice from D and D Creations?

Now's your chance! Enter our digital art contest by November 18, 2012 to be eligible for a chance to win great prizes!

Show us what a new world would look like from the perspective of a space rover that just landed on a far away planet. What would the rover see, from the rover's point-of-view? What would be visible in the foreground, mid-ground and background? Are there any signs of life? If so, what kind of alien life is visible from the rover's perspective? Show off your best alien planet discovery!

Up to two (2) entries per artist. Any software program may be used.

But, you can't win if you don't enter! Make sure to get your entries in by the November 18th deadline.

Click here for all the details!


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Digital Art Contest - Curiosity - The Search for New Worlds Through the Eyes of the Rover


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