YUR Recommendations

 Find out what people in the 3d, digital art and graphics design industry have to say about Clint Hawkins and Lillian Hawkins the founders of YURdigital and our Marketing/Brand Project Manager, Beth Rogers. We want you to know who we are and you are doing business with.

“Clint Hawkins is a well-known professional in the 3D industry. He's well connected and respected and has the resources to make things happen. His experience and enthusiasm are powerful assets that when combined with his abilities for detail and teamwork produce successful results.” June 17, 2012
Bryan Brandenburg, CEO, Pure Zenergy, Inc.

“Clink Hawkins has exceptional knowledge and experience in establishing, managing and successfully growing content focused businesses.” June 16, 2012
Lynn Fredricks, Owner, Mirye Software Publishing

“I have known Clint ever since I started working with him over 15 years ago. Over the years I have watched him work in various fields in the CG industry, especially the formation of YURdigital. Clint has always enjoyed working and supporting artists. A goal of YURdigital is to help artists earn money from their models as well as showcase their art. Clint knows the industry well and wants to bring integrity and honesty in his day to day dealing with people and his community.” June 12, 2012
Paula Sanders, Owner, PerpetualVisions

“I've worked with Clint on several projects, and brokered several of my products through YUR Digital. His knowledge of the 3d industry is unmatched. Clint and the entire YUR team deliver results, integrity and value! ” June 12, 2012
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Donnie Maynard Christianson

“Clint has always been a very knowledgeable, friendly and professional guy. I have worked with him many times over the years and it has always been an absolute pleasure. His attitude towards YUR Digital - how he wishes it to be percieved and where he wants it to be have been admirable and he has worked extremely hard to achieve that. I would never hesitate to recommend him at any level.” June 11, 2012
George Lucas, Advertising Manager, Imagine Publishing

"Clint Hawkins has been in this business for...forever. Anyone in Poser/DS content creation who does not know who Clint Hawkins is is either so new that your first Poser build is 7 or you have been living in a bubble for the past 15 years. Besides Clint's experience as Marketplace Manager at Renderosity and RunTimeDNA, his wife Lillian is the best Marketing Manager I have ever met. For those who do not know me by name but only by business, I am the founder of MindVision Graphic Design Studio and I actually wear the YURdigital T-shirt." June 8, 2012
Marco Bokhorst, Founder, MindVision G.D.S.

“Clint is a person with a great knowledge of what makes the 3D industry work, be it thru Marketing or Computers. His work ethic is top notch and in the time that I was associated with him, he was nothing but professional and more important in a business relationship, a friend.” March 7, 2008
Robbie Robfogel, President, Ocean Visual FX

“Clint is a great professional who takes the time to get fully involved with his work to add that personal touch of his that's so well known. He has vast experience in his field and a solid understanding of what's required to make things happen.” January 30, 2008
Steve Kondris, Director of Marketing, DAZ 3D

“Clint worked in a different area of our company, but was always very involved and full of great business ideas. He had a love for project management, IT infrastructure and was a key member of the Renderosity.com leadership team. Personally, I've known Clint for a few years now and he has been a friend as well as a colleague. His wife and family has been to my house several times and I'm happy to recommend him.” November 13, 2007
Jeff Johnson, Founder, CEO at 4Truth Consulting, Vice President, Bondware, Inc.

“I had the great pleasure to work with Clint on several projects while I was employed at Renderosity as their Magazine Editor-in-Chief. During that time, I worked closely with Clint in creating a multi-page printed catalog for the Renderosity Marketplace. Clint gave precise and clear directions as to what he wanted, at the same time giving me artistic freedom. He is a dedicated, hardworking manager, who understands both the people who work for him, and his clients.” March 30, 2010
Dee Marie, Founder, C. I. Publishing, Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Renderosity

“I have known Lillian for over 10 years. I have worked with her for part of that time. Lillian is task and detailed oriented as well as very personable. She is creative in both marketing and writing. At YURdigital she has worn many hats very successfully.” June 2, 2012
Paula Sanders, Owner, PerpetualVisions,

“Lillian Hawkins has a unique understanding of the content market. In the ten years I have been a content creator she hands down wins in knowledge, expertise and inventiveness. I have been, am, and will be enjoying working with her.” May 31, 2012
Marco Bokhorst, Founder, MindVision Graphic Design Studio

Ms. Hawkins is a master “make it happen” manager. She is always at “Defcon One” when it involves her responsibly. Her positive demeanor and personality are a tribute to the way she does business. Ms. Hawkins is direct to the point and her answers are honest and well thought-out. Ms. Management provides the most professional and quality service of any management company I have ever dealt with. But most important is the “Customer Service” aspect. The first impression is one of kindness, that’s right good old fashion kindness. Her easy to approach attitude gives you a feeling of accomplishment any time you deal with this company. December 31, 2008
Clark Taylor  Director (Retired), US Army – The Pentagon, Soldiers Radio & Television

“Lillian is patient, persistent, with a touch of perky. Her high work ethics makes her both the ideal supervisor as well as a perfect collaborator. I highly recommend Lillian for any job requiring intelligence and integrity.” May 4, 2008
Dee Marie, Founder, C. I. Publishing, Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Renderosity

“I worked with Lillian Hawkins for a number of years both in person and over the internet. She is excellent to work with, creative with her ideas, and receptive to other people’s. As a Senior Staff Writer on the Renderosity Front Page Team, I was able to come to her with problems, and she could balance and evaluate them from both my viewpoint and the viewpoint of Renderosity. I was able to work with her in person at SIGGRAPH 2006 when I covered the event. She successfully and gracefully coordinated the schedules, planned interviews, as well as PR and marketing events. She is a pleasure to work for!” October 29, 2007
Paula Sanders, Owner, PerpetualVisions

“Lillian has helped me personally more times than I can count. Her energy and excitement is addictive. So many times I've read through the interactions in the Renderosity community, amazed at the enthusiasm and quick solution to any situation. Overall Lillian is a consciencious and talented team player.” October 28, 2007
Rod Duchaineau, Owner, Rods Art

“Lillian is a real gem. She is passionate about her work and always a positive attitude. A gold mine of ideas and always striving for good working solutions. Good, honest, and fair, she is a pleasure to work with.” October 24, 2007
Nick Sorbin, Managing Editor, www.renderosity.com reported to Lillian at Renderosity Art Community, a division of Bondware, Inc.

“Lillian, did some cooperative work with HDRI 3D Magazine found her professionalism and quality of work to be excellent. I found her to be inspirationally helpful in the case study we were doing.” October 24, 2007
Charles Edgin, Editor, HDRI3d Magazine.

“Lillian is the consummate professional!! If I were a hiring manager I would have hired her yesterday & you wouldn't have a chance at her!! In todays complex business world it takes a very unique person to juggle all the personalities, projects and goals to achieve success. Lillian is one of those rare few who can accomplish all this with grace and dignity in the face of any obstacles thrown in her path & do so with a smile on her face and a kind word for all.” October 24, 2007
Diana Lee, Freelance Writer, Swatek High-tech Communications

“Lillian is a dedicated, hardworking and honest person. In her capacity as the Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Renderosity Art Community, she has done a phenomenal job of attracting new businesses and facilitate growth of her company as a result. She is a very personable lady who while maintaining high standards of professionalism does not lose sight of the "human" element in the business world.  Lillian would be an asset to any organization!” October 24, 2007
Garen Melikian, President & CEO, Memco Inc.

“Lillian is an engaging, fun and dynamic personality and certainly no stranger to hard work. She 's a pleasure to work with and I would never hesitate to recommend her as someone to work with.” October 24, 2007
George Lucas, Key Account Manager, Future Publishing

“Lillian is a person who knows how to reach out to the web community en masse and build relationships that last. Her knowledge and enthusiasm make her a perfect match for her title of Marketer and PR manager.” October 23, 2007
Robbie Robfogel, President, Ocean Visual FX

“Lillian is a pleasure to work with. Always willing to help, enthusiastic and kind.” September 11, 2007
Barbara Din, Moderator, Renderosity.com

“She is very good at what she does and is a great person to work with. I would highly recomend her” June 15, 2006
Sandra Castle, Community Admin, Renderosity

“Lillian is a credit to Renderosity. The experience she brings to the table is rivaled only by her enthusiasm. We at Digital Element are always happy to work with her!” October 26, 2005
Don McClure, Senior Producer, Playdom